Stabilize and Strengthen Existing Small Business and Attracting new businesses

The business class in any city, not just Dallas, comprises a unique demographic of neighbors and investors. In District 4 (D4), I am going to advocate for training, resources, and support that will help small business owners fulfill their potentials as both a neighbor and an investor. In order to see this particular D4 demographic thrive and flourish financially, I will promote mixed-use, Opportunity Zones as well as business incubators. 

Create Job Opportunities within the District

Opportunity Zone developments such as the construction of the Deck Park and the Southern Gateway being built in D4 are large-scale, public works projects. I intend to ensure job creation by advocating a certain percentage for D4 constituents are hired, retained, and promoted based on the infusion of capital coming from those developments/investments. In sum, I intend to negotiate strategically so that any big business getting tax breaks in District 4 results in substantial AND sustainable employment for D4 residents.

As well, I have developed partnerships that will provide training opportunities and job placement for those who are re-entering the work force and/or under employed.

Mixed-income housing 

District 4 needs to have BOTH fair-market and affordable housing to grow our tax base. I am a proponent and advocate of mixed-income housing. I promote mixed-income housing to make sure fair-market AND affordable housing both grow together proportionate to the residents’ needs. In other words, I believe in housing equity for the City of Dallas. I am completely on board and quite proud of the city’s momentum to resolve and serve the needs of our homeless populations. For me, my first step toward democratizing city planning and decision making to maintain/ensure the quality of affordable housing options and economic development for our constituents is going to be careful deliberation of my selections and appointments to the planning committee. These selections and appointments must send clear signals that my focus and intention is to promote much more democratic and inclusive decision-making.

Code enforcement                                  

My plan is to address code compliance ineffectiveness and offer targeted code education of tenants and their landlords for the improvement and renewal of aging properties in District #4.

We need to measure and evaluate how well we’re doing with code education. In sum, when and where do we actually provide opportunities for people in Dallas to really learn them? To ensure that this education is taking place, I plan to commit some of my routine/recurring community forums at HOAs and Neighborhood Improvement League meetings in District 4.

Building public trust and ethical collaborations

I intend to restore public trust in the leadership, contributions, and potential of District 4 by personifying what transformative and transparent leadership has to be….my road to Dallas City Hall is paved with integrity; and, my brand is based on it as well. One way I will do this is by holding routine “town hall” like meetings that I will call “Beauty/Barber Shop Talk”. The purpose of these meetings will be to disseminate information to the constituents and to give them a forum to express concerns and to hold me accountable for addressing those concerns.

Public safety

Safety has long been a concern for the residents of District 4 and Dallas at large. This is an issue that will require buy in from the community at large. We will need more police officers, community policing, activities to engage our youth in a more meaningful way; as well as input from our business community, civic, social and faith-based community.

Make city services work for all Dallas residents

Programs that engage seniors and youth

Active engagement in homelessness—new and innovative ways

D4 Beautification Project…changing the image of D4

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